Veggie Rich Diet Protects Pancreas, Especially for Drinkers

The more vegetables you eat, the healthier your pancreas will be, HealthDay News reported June 28.

People who eat four servings of vegetables per day have a 44-percent lower risk of developing acute pancreatitis — a potentially life-threatening disease — than those who eat only one serving per day, researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden find. The average American eats a little more than three servings of vegetables per day, according to government data.

Those who like to drink with moderate frequency (one or more alcoholic beverages per day) seemed to get the most protective benefit from a veggie-rich die, the report shows. Vegetables are full of healthy antioxidants that are most likely responsible for this protective benefits, the study authors say.

Vegetable-rich, low-meat diets also offer a myriad of other health benefits, everything from making you happier to increasing your lifespan, prior research shows.

The study appears online in the journal Gut.

(Photo © Roberto Verzo via Flickr)