Think Wellness: How to Manage Your Doctor (and Your Health)

Even if you make regular visits to your physician, ultimately the only person who’s responsible for managing your health is you, Consumer Reports reported Aug. 6. Here’s some ways that you can take control of your health care:

  • Ask about immunizations and other tests. Doctors regularly passed over two-thirds of immunizations, half of counseling services, and a quarter of screening tests that patients should have received, a recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds.
  • Be proactive and schedule specific wellness appointments. Ask your doctor about your shots and potential screenings and educate yourself about what you might need. Make sure you visit the doctor even when you’re not feeling ill, so that neither of you is distracted by more immediate health concerns.
  • Find a primary care physician who is right for you. If your doctor doesn’t seem interested in your wellness care, it’s time to get a new doctor (be proactive, remember?). Find someone who is willing to discuss your needs and can develop a plan of preventive care tailored to you.
(Photo © Hanginthere via Flickr)