Strawberries Could Fight Heart Disease and Diabetes, Study Says

Heart-healthy compounds in strawberries may decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Medical Daily reported July 5.

When you eat strawberries, a protein called NrF2 activates, pumping antioxidants into your system that lower blood lipids and cholesterol, Paul Thornalley, Ph.D, of the Warwick Medical School in the U.K. and his colleagues find. High cholesterol and blood lipids are both risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Eating strawberries may also help reduce blood sugar, decreasing your risk of diabetes, and help lower blood pressure, earlier research shows.

“So don’t feel guilty about serving up strawberries and cream,” Thornalley says. “Although I’d suggest more strawberries and less … cream.”

The study will be presented in September 2012 at the biennial meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International in London.

(Photo © Denim Dave via Flickr)