More Sweet News: Chocolate Could Lower Blood Pressure

On the heels of a recent study that showed that cocoa flavonols could improve your brain health, here comes another report which says the same antioxidant could help lower your blood pressure, CBC News reported Aug. 15.

Adults who ate flavonol-rich cocoa products — e.g. antioxidant-heavy dark chocolate — experienced short-term reductions in blood pressure over a period of two to 18 weeks, an analysis of 20 studies led by researchers at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Australia shows.

Previous research shows that flavonol-rich chocolate and other foods may lower your stroke risk, help your heart health, and could even keep you slim — provided you don’t eat too much and stick to lower-sugar, less-fatty varieties.

“The … caveat in all this is it’s still no replacement for exercise,” says John Northcott at the CBC. “You can’t sit by the pool and pop chocolates all day.”

The study appears online in the Cochrane Library.

(Photo © Chocolate Reviews via Flickr)