Herbs That Boost Estrogen Levels Can Ease Menopause Symptoms

Most of the annoying problems associated with menopause — including hot flashes, sleep problems, anxiety and depression — are triggered by low levels of estrogen. Alternative medicine offers some relief in the form of foods that include natural phytoestrogens, Helium reports.

Examples of food that can boost estrogen levels include cereals, seeds, beans, vegetables, and herbs, according to writer Dasa Suclu. Soy beans and red clover, for example, contain the phytoestrogen isoflavones.

Black cohosh is a popular European folk remedy for menopause symptoms, while garden sage may help relieve excessive sweating associated with menopause. To treat anxiety and depression, try licorice and valerian root, respectively.

A few cautions, however: Herbal remedies typically take an extended period of time to be effective, must be adjusted to each woman’s body and symptoms, and can have interactions with each other just like prescription drugs.