Get Antibiotics Out of Meat, Consumers Say

Nearly nine of 10 Americans want to see more antibiotic-free meat on store shelves, and 60 percent say they’d be willing to pay a premium for drug-free meat, according to a new Consumers Union report.

CNN reported June 20 that the report praised Whole Foods for only selling antibiotic-free meat. Giant, Hannaford, Shaw’s and Stop & Shop had sold antibiotic-free beef, pork, chicken and turkey, whilePublix and Trader Joe’s only sold certain cuts of meat without antibiotics. Sam’s Club, Food 4 Less, Food Lion and Save-A-Lot stocked no drug-free meat, researchers said.

Health experts have long warned against using antibiotics to stimulate the growth of farm animals because overuse of the drugs can lead to resistant germs and more disease among humans.

“We compared antibiotic-free meat prices to the prices of other national meat products, and found the cost to be comparable, and in some cases lower than traditional products,” noted Jean Halloran, the director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union, which runs a website called Meat Without Drugs and has urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture to establish a standardized label for drug-free meat.

(Photo © Virtualern via Flickr)