Could Eating Smelly Foods Help You Stop Overeating?

Aromatic blue stilton cheese

Here’s a strange diet tip from the world of weird science: Eat smellier foods, and you’ll naturally eat less.

The stronger the aroma of a food is, the smaller bites people take, according to a new study by Rene de Wijk, a scientist at Food & Biobased Research in the Netherlands. Previous studies have shown that the smaller bites you take, the less you tend to eat overall, TIME reported March 21.

So if you tend to eat too much at meals, it may be time to stock up on stilton cheese and other aromatic foods — or maybe add a dash of pungent spice to your usual meals.

“It could be that people are self-regulating, and that with a more intense odor, we take instinctively smaller bites to avoid strong sensations,” de Wijk says.