How to Suppress Your Appetite Without Drugs


Black Forest rye bread

Caffeine is a well-known chemical appetite suppressant, but there are many ways to curb your hunger that don’t involve taking a pill, reported March 21.

Dietitian Cynthia Sass identifies nine natural appetite suppressants, including:

  • Eat more (healthy) fats, such as nuts, avocado, and extra virgin olive oil. Oleoylethanolamide, produced by fatty acids, transmit hunger-curbing messages to the brain.
  • Cut your food into smaller pieces, which research has shown to cut down on consumption and increase satiety
  • Boost your endorphins by exercising, which will reduce hunger
  • Add more seasonings to your meal to add flavor and antioxidants — plus strong seasoning seems to aid in portion control
  • Try rye — in bread form or otherwise; it seems to cause a lower insulin response and improves feelings of fullness after a meal
  • Recall your meals from earlier in the day, which may help you exercise more self-control over later meals
  • Eat breakfast: skippers tend to eat worse the rest of the day, and are more likely to be obese than those who eat breakfast
  • Eat slower
  • Use music and lighting to create a more relaxed mood, which studies show can decrease food consumption

(Photo © dan4th via Flickr)