Douse Your Head to Cool Down During a Warm Weather Workout

“Pre-cooling” with water and other fluids before a workout and dousing your head with water during exercise are both effective strategies for beating the heat while keeping on top of your fitness routine, the New York Times reported Aug. 15.

Before working out, pre-cool with a cold drink or by putting a chilled compress around your neck. Then, pour water over your head during a workout as well as drinking it — it really does cool you down, a recent study published in the journal Sports Medicine shows.

While dousing yourself with water doesn’t necessarily improve your performance, people who do so report feeling markedly better during a hot-weather workout than those who don’t, Daniel Judelson, Ph.D., of California State University at Fullerton and his colleagues found. Splashing water on your head lowers your skin temperature, while drinking cold water helps lower your core temperature and heart rate, the authors write.

The study appears online in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

(Photo © Pink Sherbert Photography via Flickr)