Posting About Politics May Lose You Friends on Facebook

Keep politics out of polite conversation or you risk losing your friends, even on Facebook.

According to a new survey from the Pew Research Group, 18 percent of Facebook users have blocked, hidden, or unfriended someone for posting about politics on the social network.

Posting about something a friend finds disagreeable to the point of insult, arguing about politics, and political disagreement were some of the top unfriending offenses, the Washington Post reported March 13.

Why are we so quick to unfriend those we disagree with? One reason may be that we don’t know our Facebook friends as well as we think we do. Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents say they only discovered a friend’s political beliefs were different from their own when they saw an opposing opinion in one of their posts.

Reader Question: Have you “unfriended” someone on Facebook? 

(Photo © Dan Taylor via Flickr)