Where Do You Want to Live Tomorrow? Try Utah, Gallup Suggests

Arches National Park, Utah

Utah leads the nation in terms of “future liveability,” according to the latest data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, but Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota also might be good options for putting down your roots in the coming years.

Researchers ranked states on trends surrounding a set of 13 metrics: low smoking habits; ease of finding clean and safe water; having supervisors who treat workers like a partner rather than a boss; learning something new or interesting on any given day; perceptions that your city or area are “getting better” rather than “getting worse;” evaluations of one’s life five years from now; economic confidence; job creation; standard of living momentum; obesity; ease of finding a safe place to exercise; visits to the dentist; and the percentage of workers employed full time for an employer.

West Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky ranked at the bottom. The good news? For these states and others, future livability has not yet been determined.

“Leaders and residents alike have a keen opportunity right now to set the foundation for creating a place where people will want to live,” according to researchers. “By focusing on the metrics that have the most impact on forthcoming economic, health, and social wellbeing outcomes, leaders will be able to realize the greatest return on their investment.”

The findings are based on interviews with more than 530,000 Americans conducted in 2012.

(Photo © Alaskan Guy via Flickr)